By LISA MALINI | 09/25/17 12:06:00This week, MTV News is celebrating the 100th episode of our 100 Best Shows with the #1 trending topic: BLACK WOMEN BEING TOUCHED.

The conversation we’ve been having on the show this week has included people telling us that they want to be more aware of their hair.

And while some of us love to talk about what we think of the hair, the conversation isn’t always positive.

So to get you on the right track, we thought we’d offer a little help to make sure you get to know your black hair more!

The top five reasons why black women aren’t wearing hairpiece #1 (and why you might be too)What makes black hair different from white hair?

When we talk about hairpieces, we often think of them as a “thing.”

For example, if you look at the word “hair,” we might think of a hairpiece as a decorative object or a tool that helps keep hair in place.

But there are a lot of different types of hairpieces out there.

Some are meant to be used in everyday life and others are used in professional settings.

In addition, some are made for special occasions and others for a more traditional look.

The first hairpiece you’ll probably see is the “buzz cut,” which is a thin, straight piece of wire that is often attached to a wig or short black hair.

It is sometimes referred to as a wig-clip or “bikini wire.”

The second hairpiece we’re most familiar with is the ponytail hairpiece, which is the hairpiece that is usually worn around the neck.

A hairpiece like this will be more commonly worn in the daytime and will look a bit like a hairbrush.

You can find these pieces on the street and often look at them when shopping.

The hairstylist may cut a long ponytail, then wrap the hair around the base of the head and trim it in a ponytail shape, creating the style you see on the television show.

The last hairpiece on our list is the eyebrow hairpiece.

It can be worn in many ways and is also commonly used for professional grooming.

But eyebrows are not the only thing that makes up a hair piece.

Hairpieces are also often made to look like other parts of the body.

The eyebrows and lashes are often part of the look, but sometimes they’re attached to the body as well.

What are the advantages of black hair?

Black hair is often associated with being “white,” which can be a bit confusing because hair is not a color that is typically seen in the United States.

For that reason, black hair is usually not considered a standard part of white people’s hair, especially when it comes to styling and styling services.

But in some cases, black hairstyles can help you stand out.

This can be because black hair can add some definition to your face, which can help to balance out your hair and help your face look natural.

Why is the style black hair the most popular?

Because of its popularity, black and white hairpieces have become a trend, especially for the past decade or so.

Black hair has become the most widely accepted color among people who want to look their best.

People have been wearing black hairpieces for as long as they have, even though the hair is still a very small part of their face.

So what is it about black hair that makes it popular?

Black hair is one of the most common types of hairstyle on the planet, but its popularity has increased exponentially since it first appeared on television in the mid-1960s.

The popularity of black hairstyle has also increased over the years, with black hair being worn in fashion and other forms of media, such as beauty products.

What do black hairstylists say about black and black hair pieces?

“I love that they’re so easy to get the look that I like.

It’s a very simple look that you can wear to a job interview and that you could do to a wedding, to a funeral, and to a barbershop, and it looks natural,” says hair stylist Lisa Malin.

“I think they’re the most appealing type of hairstylism.”

For more tips on how to look and look good with black hairstyling, see our Black Hair Style Guide.

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