You may have heard that it’s a great idea to cut your hair short to cut down on the amount of time you spend in the salon.

But there’s a chance that you could be doing it to fake it.

A new study from the University of Michigan suggests that, if done correctly, it may be possible to fake your hair length to look like it’s been cut.

The study found that people who shaved or dyed their hair to look as if it had been dyed and then shaved or shaved in the same spot also had a higher likelihood of having short hair.

In a previous study, the researchers found that it was possible to achieve the same effect by simply trimming off a few hairs at a time.

Here, the authors looked at how the hairs were removed using a laser pointer and then compared the results with people who had shaved their hair, dyed their roots, and shaved their eyebrows.

The results showed that people with longer hair had a slightly shorter hairstyle overall.

The researchers concluded that, “if hair is not natural, we must learn how to manipulate it and control it in order to create a natural hair length.”

The researchers noted that there are two types of natural hair: those that grow naturally and those that are artificially grown.

Hair that has been artificially grown is called synthetic hair, while natural hair is called natural hair.

If you’re wondering what artificial hair looks like, check out this infographic.

The next time you’re trying to impress a girl with a cute little look, remember to remember that it will likely come off more naturally than natural hair, and that it won’t look like a “cutie mark” or “cut” if you use a hair straightener.

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