In March, a 14-year-old girl in a Brooklyn park wanted to be seen with a different kind of makeup than her peers.

As she walked in the park, her friend, a young boy, stopped her and asked her why she wanted to wear it.

The boy asked her if she was wearing mascara.

“I don’t know if it’s a question, but I don’t think I should be asking,” she replied.

“Because my friends are telling me to wear mascara.


The girl’s friend then said that the makeup is not allowed in the parks.

“The only time I would wear makeup is when I am going out and meeting people,” she said.

“And if it was not for that, I would never wear makeup.”

The girl said that her friends were correct.

And she explained that her mom has a habit of telling her to wear a certain kind of mascara.

“I want to ask, why?” the girl asked.

“Because I don`t want to look like that to my friends,” she responded.

“That`s not how makeup is supposed to look,” the girl’s mom told the news site.

“If you don`ve ever had to use makeup to look cool, you know that it`s very unnatural.

You can get used to it.”

In a statement released by the family, the girl`s mother explained that the teen had been wearing mascara since the age of seven, when she used it on her lashes to make them more “glowy.”

“I thought that I had a natural look, so I did not want to be too girly and not look like a princess,” the mother said.

The mom said that she did not believe the girl had actually been using the product, and that she only noticed it when she noticed her daughter’s face becoming darker.

“We have decided that we want to teach our daughter that it is normal and that makeup is a very natural thing,” she wrote.

“It does not have to be made of synthetic ingredients.

We also want to give her the confidence that if we let her wear makeup, it will look natural to everyone else, and not be too obvious.”

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