Curly hair extensions have been popularised in India for the past decade.

However, a lot of them are still a pain to use and many people are still unaware of the risks involved.

Why are curly hair extensions a hit in India?

Curly hair is a natural hair colour that is naturally darker than curly hair.

However the condition can be quite problematic, especially if it comes into contact with certain medicines, cosmetics and hair treatments.

The condition can also be a precursor to hair loss.

According to a report by the National Institute of Health (NIH), there are more than 30 different types of curly hair, with a total of 11 million individuals with the condition.

There are also reports of cases of hair loss related to the condition in India.

Some people also have hair loss when they have to shave.

Some curly hairstyles include the kathakali hairstyle, a curly hair style that is popularly known as a ‘poodle’.

There are various other hairstyles that have also become popular in recent years.

According to research conducted by the International Curly Hair Institute (ICHI), there have been over a million cases of curling hair since 2009, of which more than 10% have been confirmed.

This trend has continued and now there are around a million patients in India who have curlier hair.

There are various types of hair extensions available in India, but most of them have been developed to give a more dramatic appearance.

These extensions can come in two different lengths and are usually fitted with different colours.

Curly extensions are usually made of acrylic, ceramic or acrylic plastic.

There is a variety of hair styles that are popularly used in India that are also commonly used by the public.

Some of these styles include:The biggest market in India is for curling curly hair, which accounts for around 50% of the total revenue of Indian cosmetics companies.

The demand for curlier haircuts is increasing and curlier extensions are becoming popular due to their popularity in the market.

However curlier hairstyles are not always the best for the overall appearance of a person.

It is important to understand the proper usage of the hair extensions to ensure that they do not cause any damage.

It also helps if you wear the hair extension in the correct orientation.

Here are some common curling hairstyles used by Indian people that you should keep in mind when using curlers:How to use curlers in IndiaCurling hair extensions can be found in almost all types of Indian cosmetic products.

However most of these curlers come in different lengths, and are designed to give an exaggerated look, as well as add an extra touch.

However many people prefer the longer, straight version.

Some other popular curlers include:There are many different types and lengths of curlers available in the Indian market, but the longest hair length is usually about 1.5 metres long, with the longest curler being around 4.5m.

Here are some other popular hairstyles to look for in Indian beauty products:These are the curlers you need to know when it comes to curling curls:Here are the best curler products in India:Some of the popular curler brands include:

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