A number of NFL players are known for their curly hair.

The NFL is a business and players are not required to wear a wig, a mustache, or any other hairstyle to represent the league.

Here’s a look at the players who sport curly hair styles.


Eric Berry (RB, New England Patriots) Berry is a former NFL player who grew up in Miami, Florida.

He has a large, curly mane of locks, which he keeps on in the offseason to show off his athletic prowess.

In his new book, “The Perfect Cut,” Berry describes his hair as “a mix of curls, beards, berets and hair extensions.

It is a bit messy but I keep it in good shape.”

He has worn a black wig since his rookie year and has a long list of celebrity fans, including comedian Will Ferrell and actor Danny Masterson.


DeAngelo Hall (WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Hall is one of the more famous NFL players in the country, which makes it a bit odd that he has curly hair, which is the norm for NFL players.

Hall, who is a native of North Carolina, has curly-haired hair that can be seen on his head, shoulders, and back.


Aaron Hernandez (DE, New Orleans Saints) Hernandez was a star for the New Orleans area during his time in the NFL.

He was a three-time Pro Bowler and one of several former players who played in New Orleans.

He is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a two-time Super Bowl MVP.


Antonio Brown (WR-WR, Pittsburgh Steelers) Brown is a big-bodied wide receiver from the South.

His natural hair is styled with the classic straight locks and combed into a wavy style that is often worn over a black hat.

Brown wears a mullet and goes to great lengths to not have it on display.


Antonio Gates (CB, New York Jets) Gates is an all-time great cornerback in the AFC and he is known for his long, curly locks.

He’s been known to sport a mustache.

He wears a black mask to protect his face during games and a long beard to show his respect for the game.


T.J. Watt (DT, Houston Texans) Watt is one the best defensive linemen in the league and he has had curly hair for a long time.

Watt has been a fan of the NFL since childhood and he doesn’t take it for granted.

He loves the game of football and wears a wig to help him blend in. 7.

Jameis Winston (QB, Tampa Buccaneers) Winston has long curly hair that he uses to make his face appear more professional.

He uses it to hide his thick beard and wear glasses that can make his facial features look more prominent.


Marcus Mariota (QB-RB, Tennessee Titans) Mariota has long, hair that hangs over his head.

His hair is usually styled with a side ponytail and combing it into a long, straight style.

His favorite style is to wear one of those thick, short beards.


Brandon Marshall (WR – WR – TE) Marshall is a versatile wide receiver that can play both the slot and the traditional route tree.

He doesn’t care what fans think of him, and he keeps his curls trimmed to make him look more professional, even when fans are not paying attention.


Jairus Byrd (OLB – SS – C) Byrd is a four-time All-Pro and a six-time Silver Star recipient.

He often wears a gray wig to keep his hair from getting in the way during games.


Arian Foster (RB – RB – WR) Foster is the longest-tenured running back in the game and he’s not afraid to let fans know that he loves the NFL and that he’s a big fan of hair.

Foster likes to wear long beards that are styled with combed hair.


J.J., Jr. Jackson (CB – CB – WR/K) Jackson is a veteran cornerback who has played in several Super Bowls and he wears a thick, black mask during games to protect himself from the elements.


Chris Cook (QB – QB – RB) Cook has played for the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns.

He wore a black hairband to represent his roots and he also wears a mustache when he’s on the field.


Brian Hartline (OL – OG – OG) Hartline has had his hair styled and combbed into a ponytail.

He likes to go in for his passes in the air.


Eric Winston (CB-S – CB) Winston grew up a fan and wears long, short, and curly hair to show support for the NFL team.


DeMarcus Ware (WR/CB – WR-WR) Ware has long hair that is typically styled with an underbite and comb it into an elongated ponytail that is usually worn under a black

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