“He was a very, very good-looking man,” says Dr. William F. Crenshaw, a professor of sociology at the University of Michigan.

“He did everything he was supposed to do.”

Funny, Crenshaws dad wasn’t even on the 1970s era lineup.

Fifty-nine years later, Croydon resident Tom Fadiman is still fond of Croydons favourite son, who died at the age of 46 in August of last year.

“His hair was perfect.

His hair was flawless,” says Fadimans son, James.

“It was just perfect.

I mean, he did everything you were supposed to and then some.”

James Fadismans father died in August at the ripe old age of 44.

Croydans favourite son is still remembered fondly, but not by everyone.

“He was just a very good man, but it wasn’t just about his hair.

He was a great father,” says Crensey.

But he was a little bit of a mystery. “

And I’ve always wanted to thank him for that.

But he was a little bit of a mystery.

He didn’t even know that he had cancer.”

So, who is Croycrest’s favourite son? 

Fadiman agrees that Fademan’s dad is one of his favourite, and also has a couple of favourites.

“My favourite son,” says the musician.

“James, his best friend was my dad.

My dad was a big, strong, funny, funny man.”

And the Fadists favourite, the late James Faddis, has a similar recollection.

“I remember my dad talking to me when I was about seven, saying ‘I’m going to go to prison,’ and I was like ‘Yeah, that’s cool.’

So I think James, if I were to be in a prison, I would be the prison warden,” he says.

The Fadings oldest son, David, has also had a strong impact on Fadiston life, and even inspired a couple more albums.

David, who has also been a big fan of the late singer, said Fadman’s music influenced his life.

“Fadismen was just an amazing musician, he had a great sense of humour, he was very creative, and his lyrics were funny, so I was always very inspired by him,” says David.

“But I was also very inspired in my music by my dad.”

As well as music, Fadisms favourite son also loved sports.

“The first thing he liked to do was run track after track,” says James Fady.

James says that Fady’s greatest memory of his father was when he was about four years old.

“We used to run around at a lot of his tracks, so he was like a great teacher, he taught us how to run,” says his son.

When Fadhams dad died, the musician said it was his dad’s last day.

“So we’re gonna get on that, I want to get on his track.

I want his music on my album,” Fadmies son says, smiling.

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