Posted March 01, 2018 06:01:56 Aang is in a new haircut after being diagnosed with cancer and his hair has been cut.

He has worn a long, straight ponytail for years, and now he’s taking a hair-bundle approach, too.

The show’s creator, Greg Sestero, was kind enough to tell host Jonathan Nolan what his favorite Aang moment is.

It’s the moment when he puts on his hairbrush.

“Aang’s been wearing a hairbrush for so long, and I think his hair was the last thing he wanted,” he said.

“I love when he walks out of the room with it.

I’ve done the same with other characters in the series.

And the last time I did it with myself, I actually had to use a bucket of water, because I was just so excited.

It felt like it was my last time with it.”

Aang’s hair has always been the most popular and longest in the show, but it seems he’s been going longer.

“This season, we’re really embracing his new look,” he says.

“It feels like a natural transition, and it’s really satisfying to finally put that on.”

It’s a new look, but the fans are really embracing it.

You can see it in the reactions online, where the reaction to the show has been overwhelmingly positive.

YouTuber Chris Furlong, who made a video that features Aang wearing the hairbrush, told The Hollywood Reporter that the show was an “amazingly successful and heartfelt” effort.

“The idea that it was this beautiful, magical moment in time is just a very satisfying feeling,” he wrote.

“That’s what I love about it.

This show has made me feel like I’m part of this special group of people who have achieved something extraordinary, and you have this beautiful moment and you’ve never seen that before, and that’s a great feeling.

You feel like, wow, that was amazing.”

“It’s a good reminder to the fans that this show is alive,” he continued.

“You’re not the only ones who have a lot of passion for this show.

We’re still here, so we’re here for you.”

“We’re still together,” Aang says, adding that he’s excited to get back to his roots.

“We’ve made a great family, and we’re going to do this together.”

Watch the full interview with Chris Furdong below.

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