President Donald Trump slammed conspiracy theorists who claim he is a Muslim and a Muslim ban.

In a Friday speech, Trump said, “You know, the birthers and the Muslim banters and the Islamophobe people who hate our country and our people have really gone way overboard.

They’ve gone way beyond what was acceptable in the past.

They’re going way beyond where we’re going to go.

They know it, they know what they’re doing, and I want to be clear about it: We’re going after them and we’re not going to be quiet about it.”

Trump’s speech on Friday focused on the “Muslim ban,” a new law that has been blocked by courts.

The law was proposed by Trump, but critics say it will harm the country and force more refugees into the country.

The new legislation was blocked by a federal judge on Friday.

Trump said he’s seen many Muslim Americans and others “who want to see us go into the back of the boat, they don’t want to live in America.

I don’t think they should live in the United States.

They should be able to go home.”

Trump, who called the ban a “disgrace,” said that the law is not about Islamophobia.

“I think we have a tremendous amount of sympathy and a tremendous level of respect for people of all religions.

And I think that what’s happening is, people of different religions are being discriminated against.

And this is not a problem about religion.

It’s a problem with people, not religion,” he said.

Trump also blasted the media, saying the media are being “driven into the ground.”

“The press is the enemy of America.

And you know what?

I think the press is very dangerous.

And they’re the enemy because they’re very dishonest, and they’re being driven into the dirt,” Trump said.

The president also criticized Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for saying the country has to focus on winning elections.

“You know what, Bernie Sanders says the United State has to get a new approach.

But the United Kingdom, I mean, they won’t win a war until they win elections,” Trump told a crowd in the White House Rose Garden.

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