Hair stylists have been on the rise in the past few years, but they’ve been increasingly targeted for harassment and abuse.

In a recent tweet, the owner of a salon in a New Jersey town called the Hair Salon of the Year, said her salon received an anonymous email from a woman claiming she wanted to cut her hair off because of the “racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, racist and transphobitic” tweets she received.

“I don’t know how you would feel about your hair being cut off.

It’s not a choice, it’s a right,” the woman wrote.”

You don’t have a right to your hair to be taken off, especially when you are the first to be cut off,” she added.

“Your hair is not your body, it is not the body of your child.”

The salon owner defended her stance, saying it was her right to choose whether or not to cut off her hair.

“It’s not about what your hair is,” the owner told ABC News.

“It’s about who gets to cut it off.

I have the right to do that.

It doesn’t matter who is doing it.”

But in an email to ABC News, the salon owner said she has been harassed for years and has even been called a “transphobe” in some parts of the world.

“What I have been doing for over 15 years and have worked in for over 30 years is to give my clients their natural hair and to keep them looking their best, as I am able,” she said.

“My clients know that I don’t look at their hair in the mirror and think, ‘That’s mine.'”

The owner said her personal experience with this incident has made her rethink how she practices her profession, which she described as a “professional service.”

“I am not going to stand by and allow someone to harass someone else for having a natural hair,” she told ABC.

“I am taking action.”

The owner of the salon, who asked ABC not to use her name out of fear of reprisal, said she is not a stranger to harassment online.

“The worst part is that it’s happening in real life,” she wrote.

“We’ve been dealing with people online since the day we opened.

People have been sending us racist, sexist and trans-phobic messages and comments, calling us ‘tranny,’ and saying things like, ‘If you have curly hair, why do you have to be a stripper?’

It’s been quite upsetting and frightening.”

In a video posted to YouTube, the woman who sent the email said she was referring to a post she made on Facebook about being cut in the street.

The owner told the New York Daily News that she had received a series of threatening messages about her online.

The harassment and abusive tweets were first reported by the New Jersey-based blog The Daily Dot, which found that a large number of the abusive messages were directed at the salon.

“When I received the message, I was so horrified,” the salon’s owner said in a statement to the Daily Dot.

“My husband and I immediately called the police and have contacted local law enforcement.”

The owners salon, the Daily News reported, is now closed.

The salon was one of two in the state to receive an award from the local chapter of the American Association of Hairdressers and Genders, and was named one of the best salon in New Jersey in the 2017 Salon of America Association of stylists award.

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