A 17-year-old girl in California is suing her hair stylist after she was unable to change her hairstyle due to a temporary hair-dye and hair-rollers, The Associated Press reports.

Shawna Jones sued her stylist, Tiffany, after the two got into an argument in June.

Jones said she asked Tiffany for the temporary hair dyes and hair rolls because they were made for her hair, but she was told they could only be used once a day.

She said she went back to her room and tried to make her hair look natural but when she tried to take the temporary dyes out, she felt a strong pull.

She was able to make the hair come back into place but couldn’t stop thinking about how she looked and thought about her sister.

“I kept thinking, ‘My hair is going to fall out and I’m not going to look like her,'” Jones said in an interview with the Associated Press.

“She said, ‘It doesn’t matter how bad your hair looks, we can fix it.

We’ll get you some new ones,'” Jones told the AP.

Jones sued Tiffany and her company, Lush Hair & Beauty, for more than $3,000 in damages.

She claimed that the salon was not trained on how to properly treat hair loss and that they refused to fix her hair problems.

Jones also alleged that Tiffany’s hair rolls, which she used for about five years, were made with harmful chemicals that damaged her scalp and hair.

The salon denied Jones’ claims.

The company told the Associated Post that it was unable, under any circumstances, to remove the hair roller from Jones’ hair.

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