The NFL has a new hairstyle, and it’s not just a hair-dryer.

The league is experimenting with layered hair, a hairstyle that has become a favorite among players and fans in recent years.

“We’re not just trying to put on a show,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

“We’re really trying to create an experience where the fans can see the player and get a glimpse of the player’s personality.

There’s nothing more enjoyable to me than a guy wearing a headband.”

The league has had a hard time selling this new hairstylism.

It was a big deal back in 2013 when it began testing it.

Then, it took a while to get it into people’s heads.

And fans have a long history of preferring hair-based hairstyles.

The NFL even had a fan-written song called “I Wanna Be a Hairdresser.”

But with all the hype surrounding the league, it’s hard to see it going away any time soon.

“If you don’t think the players will take it seriously, I don’t know what to tell you,” said Packers tight end Jared Cook, who plays for the Green Bay Packers.

“I know they have a lot of love for the game, and they’ll take the time to watch the games and take the games seriously.

But when you get to a point where the players are getting frustrated and want to go back to some other style, it seems like that’s not going to happen.”

The NFL isn’t the only league in the hair business that’s changing its hairstyles, but it’s one of the most popular.

Players have been flocking to the league for years.

Former Cowboys quarterback Brett Favre even got a head-to-toe haircut.

And NFL players are the most loyal fans in the league.

The players love the idea of wearing the same haircut over and over.

They’ve even been known to take off their hats for extra support.

In the case of NFL players, that support has been huge.

The player who wears the hairiest headband in the NFL is Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders.

His hair is the second most popular hairstyle in the history of the league behind only the hair worn by the headbands worn by players on the field.

Sanders is one of only four players to have the most hairstyles on the all-time list.

He has the longest-serving headband, which measures about two feet.

The NFL also has been using a “headband” hairstyle for years, which has been popular with the NFL’s fans.

Fans have gotten used to it, but many players and coaches aren’t fans of it.

“It’s just not something I do,” Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said.

“It’s like if you had to wear a wig and have a wig, I’m not going into the game wearing a wig.”

“When I first got into the NFL, I wore a wig,” said Falcons linebacker Anthony Barr.

“The first thing I did when I walked in the door was get a wig.

And then when I got into a game, I had to get a new one.

It wasn’t really the first thing that came to mind.”

So what does the NFL want players to do?

It seems like there are a few things that players have been asked to do for their hair.

Here’s how it is in reality.

It is a headdress.

When a player wears a headgear, the neck area is covered with a piece of cloth.

The hair can be styled by the player, or it can be trimmed and styled.

This is how the NFL has been experimenting with this new hair style.

“Players have been wearing headgear for a long time,” said former NFL linebacker Jon Beason, who played for the New York Giants from 2002-06.

“They are comfortable with it.

I think it’s been a little bit overused, but I think that’s because the players have embraced it.

They know it’s something they’re supposed to do.

It’s been the most important thing they’ve done in their lives.”

But players have also been asked by fans to wear their hair on their shoulders.

It seems like a good idea.

But it’s also not what most players want.

The league wants players to be comfortable with their hair, but not to look like a bad-ass.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told to wear my hair in the same way every time I come into the locker room, or that I have to do the same thing every time, because they’re just worried about me,” said Jaguars linebacker J.J. Watt.

“When I walk into a locker room and I see my teammates, I want”

When I walk into a locker room and I see my teammates, I want

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