Hair dye is one of those products that makes people think they’re looking their best, but really they’re only just starting to get there.

It’s been around for decades, but it has mostly been used to get a youthful glow, as well as in some cases as an effective hair colour, but now it’s also becoming popular for use as a hair colour.

Monat, a hair coloured hair dye, was first marketed in the US in the 1980s, and it became widely available to Australians in the early 2000s.

Monats main ingredient is a substance called polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which is a natural hair colouring agent.

Monatin hair dye is also sold in Europe, where it’s been made in a similar way.

In Australia, monat is still marketed as a colouring treatment and in some countries it’s marketed as an alternative to regular shampoo.

But Monat is a bit of a grey area in terms of whether it’s effective for the average joe, or whether it will cause hair loss.

Monato hair colour is the product that is most commonly used as a monat hair colour in Australia, and is used as part of the “natural” colouring regime, according to the Monat Hair Colour Company.

A quick look at the ingredient list on the Monati website reveals that it contains ingredients such as polyvinylethyl alcohol, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSA), and polyethylene glycol (PEG).

This is a colour additive which is known to cause a chemical reaction with the human skin and cause irritation and irritation of the skin and hair follicles, according a study published in 2015 in the journal Cosmetic Dermatology.

This reaction is caused by the reaction of the chemicals with keratinocytes, or hair follicle cells, and can cause the hair to grow and become damaged.

The study concluded that Monat can cause “irritation and irritation” of the hair follicular surface and “damaging and permanent damage to hair growth”.

The main issue is that Monats ingredients have a high concentration of polyvinone, a compound that can increase the risk of cancer and can have a long-term effect on the hair.

This may be why the Monatos website states that “Monat is not a miracle treatment for hair loss”.

“It is not known whether monat will actually cause hair regrowth, or how long it will take for hair to regrow,” the company said in a statement to ABC News.

“Monat contains no other chemical ingredients and is an effective product to help retain and grow natural hair.”

It is unclear how much monat Monato can help with hair regrowing.

A review of the Monats website shows the product’s ingredients list includes the following ingredients: water, isopropyl alcohol

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