Crimped hair has been the scourge of the UK for decades.

But the government has tried to fight the problem by cutting the number of hairs in the hair follicle.

Now, the BBC has learned, a new treatment can cut out the troublesome hairs.

Crimped hairs are found in the follicles of hair follicles.

They cause the hair to look like it is going bald.

The hairs are caused by the loss of the hair shaft.

The problem with crimped strands The BBC understands that it is very difficult to find out how to get rid of crimped threads.

But there are many options to try.

There are two different treatments that have been found to remove crimped thread.

The first involves a drug called tannic acid, which is a mixture of amino acids.

It is not an anti-bacterial agent, but it helps remove the bacteria from the follicle, preventing it from becoming entrenched in the scalp.

Tannic acids can be taken by mouth.

But this is not always an option because the hair is very sensitive to tannins.

This treatment has also been found effective in the treatment of other scalp problems such as psoriasis and eczema.

Another option is a topical gel called anisocarboxazid.

This is a gel that has a small amount of a substance called a fatty acid that helps the gel bind to the hair strands.

You need a small dose of anisacarboxylate to get it to work, and this is usually taken orally.

But, for the treatment to work the gel needs to be applied to the scalp in a small circular fashion, with a dab of the gel at the very top.

It is important to remember that anisaparboxylic acid is not a very good topical treatment.

It needs to penetrate the hair very deep.

If you apply it directly to the skin it will not work.

You also need to wash your hands before and after the treatment.

The gel needs a little bit of water, too.

Finally, you need to rinse the hair before and in between treatments.

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