What do you think of the ‘Dark green hair’ trend?

Let us know below. This is a picture of the new model’s hair, which looks a lot like the Dark Green Hair by Posh Cosmetics and Kohl’s.

It has been reported that the new line is being made by Cosmetically Correct Cosplayers, who have been doing this trend for over a decade.

The new line includes two shades of blonde, a deep brown, and a deep green. 

I love the new ‘DarkGreen’ line, and would definitely like to see more options for it. 

But, what do you make with it? 

I love this shade of blonde.

It’s a good neutral shade, and it has a natural finish. 

It looks like a nice natural colour to go with the blonde. 

The deep brown and deep green look like a bit of a ‘blackened’ colour to me. 

For a darker shade, I would suggest a medium to dark brown, like the Deep Green. 

If you’re looking for something darker, I think the Deep Grey is a better choice. 

 The shade of brown I would love to have is the Dark Green, and I’d be happy to try it out. 

What’s your favourite shade of dark green? 

This photo shows the new ‘dark green hair’. 

How do you get it?

If you want to make it yourself, the easiest way to do it is to buy a wig and hair brush, which you can find online. 

Wig or Hair Brush is a new product from Cosmetic Correct Cosplayers. 

Cosmically Correct Cosplayers have been doing the trend for about 10 years. 

They have created their own line of products and they have a great store and a beauty supplier in Los Angeles. 

You can get your own wig or hair brush here . 

It’s available for $99.99 and is available in two shades, black and grey. Like the Dark Green hair, the new product has a good texture, and looks like it has some natural colour. 

Here’s how to make a ‘Dark Brown’ wig from Cosmic Correct Cosplay and make it look like this image shows. 

Do you like this hair? 

If so, this is what I would recommend you do. 

Firstly, get yourself a wig. 

Make sure it’s a hair style of your choice, like an all-over blonde, dark brown or dark grey.

A wig can make a huge difference to your look. 

Second, go to Cosmatically Correct cosplayer and get yourself some black or grey hair extensions. 

These will be perfect for this hairstyle. 

Third, apply a thick layer of hair conditioner on your hair. 

Then, apply the black hair extensions with a thin layer of the hair conditioners. 

Finally, apply some bluish pink colour to your hair.

The picture above shows Cosmatic Correct cosplayer and Cosplayer Dana in their DarkGreen Wigs and Black Waves Cosplayer Caitlyn Dunn in DarkGrey Washes Cosmes Daryl Dickson in DarkGreen Cosme Lili Dixon in Black Cosms Kara Dolan in LightGrey Cosmed Liza Dorman in Green Cosmo Melissa Dornan in White Cosma Nora Sanchez in Red Cosmos Sasha Duke in Blue Cosmonauts Darryl Eisen Barker Bartel Byrne Cox in Pink Cospy Mari Lamanna Mueller in Orange Cospos Tara Bennett Dorothy Wright Doreen Woodall Lloyd Williams in Brown Cospo Marian Reed Levin Curtis Lupin Watson Lonnie Wilson in Grey Cospose Kelli Wendall McGrath Bryce Burgess Kluge in Yellow Cosse Maggie Tucker Jones in Silver Cosprite Lily Gross Jones in Green cosplay Keri Cynthia Riley Jones-Powers in Bright Cosuse Penny Jones on BlackCosplay

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