A balding man has a chance of getting his hair back.

It may be the most basic of all human surgeries, but it could have an unexpected benefit.

A man in the Philippines has a facial hair transplant.

It’s a miracle, according to a surgeon, and he’s not the only one who has experienced the procedure.

The man’s story goes back to February of this year.

He was suffering from a condition called “dry scalp syndrome” that causes hair loss.

Hair loss is usually the result of damage to the scalp, but not always.

This patient, however, had the hair that had been lost, and that was the problem.

He lost all of his hair due to dry scalp syndrome, and now, in the past two weeks, he has regained a full beard.

According to the doctor, it’s not uncommon for men in the country to have the dry scalp condition.

He said the man’s condition was aggravated by a virus, but that the virus was also causing the hair loss, which made it very challenging for the patient to get the surgery.

He has a long road ahead.

But, he hopes to recover from the surgery, and in the meantime, he is going to be able to give his family a glimpse of his face and beard.

His story is being reported on the Filipino news site Rappler, which is sharing it on its Facebook page.

It is also making its way around the internet.

The man’s name is Jose Antonio Peralta.

He is from the Philippines.

He has been in the military for many years.

His father was a police officer, and his mother was a teacher.

He also had a small farm, but his family moved to the Philippines, so his father had to work in the fields.

He moved to a different city, and started working as a taxi driver.

Peraltas parents were worried, because he didn’t speak English, and the father worked in a local mall, but he couldn’t get the job.

He got a job as a driver in a shopping mall, and when he came home, he told his parents.

He explained to them that he had an appointment to see a doctor.

They called the doctor and the doctor took the appointment.

The doctor didn’t believe that the man had a recurrences condition, and told him that it was normal to have dry scalp.

He then told him about the procedure that he was going to have done.

The surgeon told him not to worry about having a recurred recurrence.

He assured him that he could get the facial hair back, and said that the procedure would be easy.

Puralta was very happy, and was so excited about getting his facial hair restored.

He even said that he would like to go to Disneyland.

The procedure was an easy one.

The surgeon took out a scalpel and started to cut away the dry hair on his face.

The hair was cut away with scissors.

Pralta’s hair was returned to normal.

The doctor said that after the procedure, he could not believe that it had happened in the first place.

It was a miracle.

He could not have predicted that the dry shampoo condition would cause such a long recovery time.

The surgery was performed on April 7 at the General Hospital of the Philippine Armed Forces in Marikina City.

Pinalta, who has a small beard, was rushed to the hospital and was taken straight to the surgical room.

Poralta was wearing a mask, and while he was there, his hair was removed.

The next day, his father was able to visit him, and Peralts hair was back to normal, but the father did not see his son.

His dad was worried, and asked the surgeon what he could do to help him.

The surgery was easy, and both men were able to get their hair back to their normal size.

It wasn’t long before the father had the beard back.

The Philippine Armed forces do not track the number of men who have facial hair transplants, but according to Peraltuas father, it is likely that it’s a very small percentage of the population.

They did not track it, however.

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