If you want to go from a normal blonde to a high-contrast, light brown-black hair color, you’ll need to go with Adore Dye.

The brand, which is based in New York City, started out as a hair color company, but the brand has since grown to encompass a range of hair products that can be used to achieve a wide range of colors. 

When it comes to getting the perfect color for your hair, you may want to start with an adorning product that contains adore, a natural hair dye that contains vitamin C, and is naturally colorfast. 

The company also sells a range the products that are best suited for dry hair, but you may need to choose one that doesn’t contain the adore pigment. 

“If you’re looking for a light, blonde look, it might be a good idea to try something with a little bit more of a color, and the product that I use is an adore,” said Tasha Hargrove, who has been a customer for nearly 20 years. 

Tasha Haggrove and her husband, Jason, own Adore Salon in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Gowanus. 

She said that a combination of natural ingredients and a good dry-weather condition make for a great, natural, high-shine hair color that is versatile for different skin tones. 

But, if you’re more of an ombre type, you might want to opt for an adornier product, like a more expensive hair dryers. 

Adore hair dryors come in a variety of colors, but one thing you’ll definitely want to look out for is the pigment.

Hargrock said that she’s always noticed that the pigment on a lot of adore products tends to be more pigmented, meaning it’s more of “a darker, darker red,” but that she thinks that it can be very flattering if used sparingly. 

Hargrovelve said that the best adore hair dyes are formulated with vitamin C and vitamin A, and that she also recommends using them on bleached, dry hair. 

To see more about what to look for when choosing a dry shampoo, product, or hairstyle, check out our hair products guide. 

If you’ve been looking for that perfect, everyday look, Adore is a great place to start. 

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