Hair straighteners can have some negative effects on your hair’s appearance, according to the experts.

The best way to keep your hair in shape is to avoid hair straighteners that cause breakouts, scalp irritation and other problems, experts said.

But you should also avoid those that are harmful to your hair or leave it with an oily feel.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Jacobs has more.

Hair straightening is an expensive, time-consuming and sometimes painful procedure.

To keep your natural hair from growing in places that can cause breakage, you’ll need to be vigilant and make sure to follow the proper care instructions.

The hair follicle in your scalp is the tissue that produces hair and is where the hair comes from.

When your hair starts to grow, the follicle is getting more energy from the sun and your hair cells are also growing, according a Mayo Clinic study.

The new hair on your head, scalp and neck has to be straightened.

If you don’t do this, the scalp and hair on the top of your head may be damaged.

If your hair doesn’t feel smooth, your scalp may become more oily, and you’ll notice a dry feeling.

It can also affect your ability to hold your breath, according the Mayo Clinic.

A hair straightener that breaks down the hair will leave you with a hard feeling on your skin.

That’s because it’s releasing excess water and chemicals into your scalp, which can cause damage to your skin, according with the Mayo study.

To prevent hair straightening from happening, make sure your hair has been thoroughly shampooed before you use it.

The only way to avoid damaging your hair and scalp is to use a conditioner.

A shampoo that contains vitamin E, essential oils and other products may help to keep the hair from breaking.

Some conditioners contain essential oils to help protect your scalp from breaking, but other products do not.

You should also keep your scalp in a natural condition before using a hair straightener.

If the hair on top of you gets too oily, you may want to wash it with a soft, gentle soap.

If this happens, it’s a good idea to use your hair shampoo to remove excess oil and residue, according Mayo Clinic experts.

If using a conditioners, avoid using an oil-based shampoo as this can cause irritation.

Hair loss or other problems with hair are a sign that your hair needs to be trimmed, and a straightener can help to do this.

However, it can also be a good time to talk to a qualified professional about the best way for you to get rid of your hair.

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