I can’t say for sure, but I have a feeling that the pixies have had a hard time in the past.

I mean, they were always so much fun to wear.

But when they went full-on red, pink, and gold in the ’90s, the whole fandom had to figure out what to do.

In an effort to make the pipsqueak as inclusive as possible, they all got a wig and made a few changes to their looks.

There were some great trends and looks in the piscine era, but one trend was the pipped hair rollers.

These rolled-up short hair pieces were the perfect look for the fall, and even though they had a lot of hype behind them, I didn’t think that they’d ever be seen outside of pixy-fans circles.

Luckily, they have been seen again, with a new look for men.

But what is the pipping hair roller?

It’s the pied-hair roll that was used for many years in a very pixie-y style.

In this style, the hair roll is held in place with a small hair clip.

The roll is then rolled back and forth until the hair is pulled through the hair clip and up over the head.

The hair roll makes the hair look like a ribbon, which is the most perfect look.

The other thing to note is that pips are always the butt of jokes.

In addition to the silly puns they were known for, the pippies have been known to do a bit of “pip” and a bit “pipsqueaker” (as the phrase goes) as well.

The pipsquake.

You might remember it from the first season of Seinfeld when Jerry and Elaine had to get ready for a Halloween party.

After they put on their masks, they found out that the party was not going to be as big as they’d planned.

So, instead of making a full costume and trying to get everyone dressed, they decided to go to a place in New York called The Pippin’ House.

The Pipping House is a very old-fashioned, low-slung restaurant and bar that has been around since the 1920s.

The name was chosen because it’s the most familiar of the pip, and also because of the word “pippin” which means “to curl” or “to pull.”

A little pippin means to curl.

So what are you waiting for?

Go check it out!

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