We asked two people who have worked on some of the most popular video game franchises about how they got into game development, and the answers are fascinating.

First up is Ben Kuchera, the lead programmer on Super Smash Bros., who started off as a level designer for Super Meat Boy.

He started with a single level and expanded it into a full-fledged game with hundreds of levels.

Kucheras first major project was a character designer called Viva la Vida, a game that featured an all-female protagonist.

He’s worked on games like Halo 2 and Portal, and his most recent title is a game called Zomboid, which was released this year.

He’s been working on a lot of video game projects since, and says he’s been pretty happy with how things have been working out.

“It’s just been great, honestly,” Kuchehas told Polygon.

“I’m super proud of the game.

I’m really happy with the game’s reception.”

Kuchea has worked on several games, but the most recent project was Super Smash Brothers Brawl, which Kuchelas has been working as the game designer on.

He credits the game with helping him get into video game development and it’s helped him realize his dream of working on video games full-time.

“The only reason I’m here right now is that Super Smash is going well,” Kuchhelas said.

“But if I were to say why I’m making Super Smash, it would be because I think it’s really good.

It’s just the best game I’ve ever played.”

When asked about the games that inspired him to work on video game design, Kuchetas said that it’s probably not surprising that Super Mario 64 was one of the first games he ever made.

“Super Mario 64 really helped me get into game design and I’m super thankful that I’ve gotten to work with so many people who I’ve been able to connect with in that time,” Kuhl told Polygons blog.

He also said that he was inspired to work at Nintendo by the game Mario Party.

“Nintendo has been really, really supportive of me as a programmer, so that’s why I did Super Mario,” Kucea said.

“Mario Party has been a big influence on me, it’s been a lot like being in a family,” he continued.

“You know, I had a very close relationship with Mario Party, so I guess that’s probably one of my main inspirations in getting into video games.”

Kuchhela said that the biggest reason he chose to work for Nintendo was the company’s support for women in the industry.

He also said the company is very supportive of indie game developers, which is why he worked at Nintendo.

“I’ve had a lot more time to think about things that are more relevant to video games and to the industry,” Küchhelas told us.

“It’s a very interesting environment.

I think Nintendo has been very supportive and very welcoming.”

Another big reason he worked for Nintendo is the company has always been a place where he could feel like he was on the cutting edge.

Kuchemas first experience working on the game came from the Nintendo 64 and its game design was very similar to his own.

“When I started on Super Mario, I really wanted to make the best version of the Mario game that I could,” Kúchhela told us, adding that he wanted to create the best possible Mario game.

“We did it on the 64 and we had to do it in such a way that it was playable on all the systems, including the SNES.”

Kuhl said that Kuchers biggest mistake in Super Mario was the fact that he had too many levels in Super Smash.

He said that with Super Mario World he had just the one level in SuperMario 64 and was very proud of his work.

“If you’re a game designer, if you’re doing a level design and you’re making it on a 64, it feels like you’re really, truly doing it on an Atari or something,” Kûchhels said.

But it wasn’t just Super Mario games that Kücheras worked on that made him want to work in video game programming.

Kuchl said he has worked with some of Nintendo’s most famous developers, like Yoshi, and he thinks that the company can learn a lot from what they’ve been through.

“They’ve had great experience with people who’ve been in the video games industry,” he said.

Kucheta also said Nintendo has a lot to learn from Nintendo, and how they can better support their developers.

“We’re seeing a lot that we can learn from and I think that we’re going to get a lot closer,” he told Poly.

“In the last year, we’ve been working with Nintendo on this thing called the Nintendo Ecosystem.

It means that

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