The following chart is based on data collected by the Hair Loss Resource Center and published by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Hair loss can be the result of any number of things, but it is usually the result for one reason or another.

Some people experience hair loss because they lost their hair too quickly.

Others have it because they have a condition that prevents hair growth.

Other women experience hair growth problems because of age, genetics, or a medical condition that can cause hair loss.

It is important to remember that these things do not make a woman’s hair “unwanted,” nor does it affect her overall health.

However, there are some people with a hair loss problem that need help and can be helped.

Below is a chart that shows which hairstyles and types of hair loss occur in which women.

The first thing you’ll notice is the fact that the most common types of scalp hair loss are a mix of normal and abnormal hair.

For most people, there is no particular cause for the hair loss that you experience.

However a person who is dealing with hair loss may be experiencing hair loss for one or more of the following reasons: Age: Some people may have a loss of hair that occurs at an age that causes them to lose their hair prematurely.

For some people, it is due to a disease or condition that causes the hair to fall out.

Hair Growth: Hair loss is often due to excessive hair growth, or if a person has excessive hair, they may experience hair regrowth.

Some of these regrowth treatments include the use of Botox or other facial fillers, laser hair removal, or hair loss creams.

Larger hair loss is more common in older women, especially in those with diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions that cause hair growth in the scalp.

Hair Loss Caused by Genetics: Many people who experience hair length loss have inherited a condition called the condition, or variant, of the disorder, or genetic disorder.

These people typically have one or both of the genes, which are located on the X chromosome.

The condition often leads to hair loss as well, and in some cases, the hair can fall out altogether.

Genetic conditions can cause some women to experience hair losses.

Some genetic conditions can be inherited by both parents and cause hair length and scalp hair growth to be very different.

This can result in hair loss problems.

The most common genetic condition in women is known as the variant autosomal dominant condition, also known as BRCA1.

BRCAs1 and BRCAS2 are found on both the X and Y chromosomes.

It also has been found that there are genetic variants of BRCD2 that cause BRCAB.

The BRCB1 and A-linked BRCY1 genes are also found on the same chromosome.

These genetic variations also lead to hair length differences.

Some types of BDR1 mutations, also called BDR2 mutations, can also cause hair problems.

These mutations cause abnormal growth of the hair, and can cause the hair shaft to be longer than normal.

The hair follicles can also develop abnormally.

Hair changes and hair loss can occur even if the woman is not suffering from the genetic condition.

Other genetic conditions include DQ2, DQ9, and DQ11.

BDRB1 mutations can cause abnormal hair growth and can lead to excessive, or even hair loss in some individuals.

Hair is also affected by genetic disorders.

These conditions can affect the hair that is in the crown of the head and the sides of the face.

The affected areas of hair can also look red and wavy, which is called a hairline.

Hair follicles, which produce and process hair, can become clogged with hair and the hair becomes more fragile.

Hair can also become damaged, and the area around the hair follicle can become black and/or dull.

Other conditions that affect hair include the following: Genetic Variants of BMR1, BMR2, and BMR4.

Genetic Variant DQ1 and DXB1 also can cause BDR hair loss and hair regrow.

Genetic variants of AAT1, AAT2, AATT1, and AATT2 also can lead a person to have abnormal hair and/and hair loss on the scalp, including in the hair on the back of the neck.

Other variations of hair include BRCK1 and CER, also commonly known as AFR-B, AFR2, CER2, ER-A, and ER-B.

These are also known to cause hair regrown, as well as to be affected by the hair type.

Genetics of the Genetic Conditions listed above can affect many other areas of the body, including the skin, hair, bones, and muscles.

The chart above does not take into account all of the different hair loss causes.

For example, there may be other conditions in addition to hair regrowing or

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