Hair growth is one of the hottest growth trends of the 21st century, and one that we have yet to see on a scale that matches the scope of hair growth seen in the films Avatar and Titanic.

The most popular and well-reviewed products in the world of hair care have a history of getting us in trouble.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular hair growth products out there.1. 

ShampoosShampos are popular for all the wrong reasons.

The products have been associated with a range of conditions ranging from acne to dry skin.

And while there are no scientific studies on the effects of shampoos, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that they can cause skin problems and even cause allergic reactions.2. 

Face masksShampons can be a great option if you have oily skin or are sensitive to fragrance.

Unfortunately, they can also cause irritation to your skin.

If you’re concerned about how your skin is responding to the shampons, try using a sunscreen or moisturizer instead.3. 

Skin-soothing powdersShampones are commonly sold as face masks, or face scrubs that you apply to your face after cleansing with a scrub or a mask.

Unfortunately for many people, this type of product can cause irritation, so use a moisturizer first before using a face mask.4. 

Cleansing powdersCleansers like cleansers and conditioners are widely used in the beauty industry.

Unfortunately they also cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, which are often why people are hesitant to buy them.5. 

Body scrubShampon can be an effective body scrub, but be aware that they also irritate the skin.

Body scrubs can irritate your skin and can cause allergic responses if used improperly.6. 

DermablendA gel-based product that can be used as a body wash, dermal filler, or facial scrub, dermablends have become popular among beauty bloggers, especially those who are sensitive or acne-prone.

They can also irritates the skin, causing skin irritation.7. 

Gel-based productsDermabrands are generally not a good choice for acne-free skin.

They have a very strong scent that can irritates sensitive skin.

You should also avoid using them if you are sensitive, acne-stricken, or have oily or dry skin, because they can irritatingly irritate sensitive skin in that order.8. 

Hydrating cleansersHydrating masks and cleansing products like cleanser, lotion, and serum are popular among the beauty community.

However, they are often not safe for use on sensitive skin and may cause allergic reaction.9. 

Dermatologist and hair product expertsDermatologists are not known for their scientific expertise, but their products are widely available in the market.

However for some people, the products may cause skin sensitization, which is why dermatologists like to make their products as natural as possible.10. 

Cosmetics, hair, and nail careProducts like cosmetics, hair products, and nails are increasingly being used in beauty products.

Unfortunately there are concerns that they are causing allergic reactions and are a poor choice for people who don’t have sensitive skin, or those who have dry skin or oily skin.11. 

Eye makeup productsDermatologies are popular with those who suffer from dry skin and/or oily skin, but can cause reactions if used incorrectly.

If your skin isn’t dry or oily enough, use a face shield instead.

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