Hair dye is a popular and effective treatment for dry and frizzy hair.

Now, scientists are using the chemical to help people with temporary hair dye look their best, even when the condition causes their facial hair to fall out.

The chemical, called bromophenol-4-ylmethylpropane, or BMP, has been around for years.

But for decades, it has largely been reserved for treating conditions like psoriasis, which can lead to dryness and a dry, brittle appearance.

Now researchers are using it to treat temporary hair loss.

They’ve tested BMP on people with psorias, and found it helped them retain their natural hairstyles.

“We used to use it to cure dry scalp, and that was the best,” said Dr. Jeffrey Schulze, an assistant professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School and one of the study’s authors.

“But now we have to do it with the same chemical we’ve been using for decades to treat hair loss, which is very effective.”

The study, published in the journal Clinical & Experimental Allergy, used BMP to treat people with a chronic, mild, and transient psoriac disease, which means they have chronic hair loss or damage to their scalp.

The scientists also used BCP to treat a group of patients who had a mild psoriatist-diagnosed hair disorder.

The researchers treated the patients with a synthetic version of the chemical, which had been approved for use in the U.S. in 2000.

“This chemical is a relatively new product, but we’ve developed it with a great deal of experience and expertise,” said Shira Tymoulian, the study co-author and an assistant clinical professor of medicine at Harvard.

Tymousian said the chemical is safe for both men and women, and was safe for pregnant women and newborns.

The chemicals used in the study were the only ones that were approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as a treatment for psorial hair loss in the United States.

The compounds also worked well for treating patients who also had a severe hair disorder, which also causes hair loss and dryness, according to the study.

Tumultuous hair loss is common in people with chronic psoria, and it can cause a host of other health issues, such as brittle facial features and hair loss that doesn’t seem to improve as people age.

However, the condition can sometimes be treated with drugs that can help restore hair to its natural condition, and researchers say it’s possible to make a quick, painless, temporary cure using BMP.

The study used BPP as the treatment, and Tymulsian and her colleagues found that the chemical reduced the number of scalp and facial hair loss episodes by about 50 percent.

“When we applied this chemical, the patients were not able to recover hair loss more than a few weeks after the initial treatment,” said Tymos, who also is a researcher in the Department of Dermatology at the Harvard School of Public Health.

BMP’s effectiveness is not limited to people who have severe psoritis. “

In the long run, this has the potential to be a very powerful treatment for hair loss,” Tymoses added.

BMP’s effectiveness is not limited to people who have severe psoritis.

Researchers are also using the chemicals to treat psoriatric hair loss as a potential treatment for other types of psoriosis, such a dermatitis or psoriatic arthritis, which has been linked to hair loss during periods of stress or exhaustion.

In some cases, the hair loss might actually be more noticeable, so people may be better able to manage their condition without resorting to prescription drugs.

“People with psoriatically-associated psorotic arthritis, or PA, can develop a condition known as hair loss associated with the psoriadendrotic syndrome, or HAS, and this is a condition that can cause severe pain and impairment of function,” said Schulz.

“The results of our study show that using BCP as a topical treatment for this condition is an effective and well-tolerated way to reduce hair loss.”

The researchers hope the results will lead to more research into other forms of psoriiasis that may be related to the chemical.

The finding is important, Tymans said, because people with this type of condition have a higher risk of dying from other diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

“They may also have a lower life expectancy,” she said.

Tysyoulian hopes to continue developing BMP treatments for people with other kinds of psorsias and psoriatry.

“There are other chemicals that we could use to treat other conditions like hair loss from the hair on your head,” Tysoulian said.

“It’s really exciting to be able to use the same chemicals to help other people.”

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