Lavender hair is a new trend in the NHL, but not everyone is happy about it.

As part of NHLPA’s new policy, players will no longer be allowed to wear lavender, but rather orange and red, and the teams will still be allowed green and blue.

The NHLPA says players are allowed to change their hair color in their own locker room, but only to their own teams.

Players are also not allowed to make their hair into a wig, which is the new trend.

As for the hair-red trend, some players are wearing their hair in a very different style than usual, like goalie Michael Del Zotto, who has shaved his head in the past.

He has done so for a few games, and he said it’s a way to express his emotions.

“When I’m out there, I can still play my game.

It’s just a way of showing it to my teammates and letting them know that I’m still here,” he said.

The Lavender Hairstyles and Hair Color Policy is the latest effort from the NHLPA to make its voices heard on the issue of player hair and hairstyles.

The league says the change will help to “balance” player and team hair, and it also is a way for players to showcase their “uniqueness.”

The NHLPA has been trying to get the league to make changes on the matter since at least the 2013-14 season.

That year, the NHL Players’ Association was formed and was the sole voice for players.

The players have been fighting the league’s hair-color policy ever since.

In recent months, the league has made changes, including removing the word “pandora” from the policy, and changing the language on its website.

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